Sunday, 13 May 2012

How to make Demo game a Full version game?

Hi friends...

This is the heart throbbing Question that how to make Demo game to a Full version game?
There are few logics or you can call it as tricks to do it.

Actually It is NOT  possible because Demo games comes with limited data , means it doesn't contain FULL data or all the levels.  
Still there are many sites that gives you full game (all the levels and data files) to play for limited time slot. Now what happens is , you have full game but you can't play it till buying the license key to activate it.

So we can stop the timer by fooling it by changing the registry time. So whenever we play game algorithm will check the registry time in your machine but it will be always our side and no time will be expire.

Now let try it practically :

  1.  go in registry mechanic of your pc , for it

           type " regedit " in run dialog box. like this :

  1. Hit   ENTER . which will open registry editor window like this :

   3.  Now Right click on left side where you can see My Computer , HKEY etc and tap FIND switch.

   4. Now search the name of the game Via Find and click on it .

   5. It will show you attributes of the game and find the correct file that shows you time date like values.

  6. DELETE  IT .


  7. It's  Done .

                      I hope it will be useful for you . If any help needed Don't Forget to Comment.


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  1. Hey this tricks are really practical and i used it.... and its working.
    :) :)